"After listening to just a few songs, I was blown away... they combine a wide range of influences with fierce time signatures and unconventional key changes. Part progressive, part alternative electronic, part… everything else? – maybe you’ll come away thinking this band has something truly unique and fresh."
-Jay Freeman, divideandconquermusic.com
Half Shell's debut album, Truly Tragic, explores themes of existential crisis, internal struggle, and societal critique. Though the subject matter may be dark, the word-play, dry humor, and whimsical antics make for a playful release. The band makes use of multiple time signatures and unconventional key changes, yet strives to preserve a dance-able, memorable quality to the melodies and chord progressions. While incorporating heavy use of synthesizers and electric keyboards, the core of Half Shell's sound is powered by acoustic drums, driving, melodic bass, and honest vocals. The resulting sound is fresh, unique, and upfront.

"Skyward"  live at The Well in Brooklyn, NY: 1/11/19

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